Selected Writing​

The Good Internet Lives On The New Republic, February 2019

Why Climate Change Is the Ultimate “OK, Boomer” Issue The New Republic, 12/9/19

The Stark Inequality of Climate Change The New Yorker, 10/17/19

Olga Tokarczuk’s Gripping Eco-Mystery The New Republic, 10/10/19

The Nihilistic Euphoria of the Fish Tube The New Yorker, 8/15/19

Can a Company Own the Moon? The New Yorker, 6/18/19

An Uncommon Victory for an Indigenous Tribe in the Amazon The New Yorker, 5/15/19

The Future of Artificial Intelligence The New York Times Book Review, 5/2/19

David Attenborough Delivers an Urgent Message The New Yorker, 4/13/19

The Other Kind of Climate Denialism The New Yorker, 3/6/19 

What if Plants Were One of Us? The Nation, 3/1/10

The Vegan Future of Meat and the End of Animal Farming The New Republic, 2/13/19

The Optimistic Science of De-Extinction The New Yorker 12/27/18

The Not-So-Uplifting Year in the Animal Kingdom The New Yorker, 12/23/18

Narcissists in Space Jacobin, Fall 2018

Letter from Lancaster County: Nuns Square Off Against a Pipeline Pacific Standard, 9/10/18

Bear Cam's Captivating, Unedited Zen The New Yorker 8/6/18

Free the Whales: The History of Orca-Catchers in America The New Republic, 8/17/19

Blood Will Out: Theranos and the Shark Tankification of American Life The Baffler, 6/12/18

Can Rivers Be People Too? The New Republic, 5/9/18

Libertarians Seek a New Home on the High Seas The New Republic, 5/29/17

Innocent Intellect BOMB, 3/30/17


The Future of Remembering Vice, January 2017

It Takes a Lot of Money to Look This Cheap Dissent, Winter 2017

Who Gets to Be a Science Nerd? The New Republic, 11/29/16

Inky the Octopus and the Upsides of Anthropomorphism  The New Yorker, 4/26/16

The Selfie Project  The New York Post, 5/4/16

Jeb: An Elegy!  Catapult, 2/26/16

The Rainmakers  Meridian, Winter 2015 Nominated for a 2016 Pushcart Prize


Neil deGrasse Tyson is Your—And Everyone Else’s—Personal Astrophysicist  Vice, 10/26/15


How the Rich Profit from Natural Disasters  The New Republic, 10/5/15


The Climate Hackers  Dissent, Summer 2015


On Barbara Grizzuti Harrison  Tin House, Summer 2015


Aral Spring  Audubon, 1/8/15


Whose Moon is it Anyway?  Dissent, Fall 2014


Chasing a Comet  Cafe, 11/18/14


Celebrate Corporate Personhood!  Guernica, 5/23/14


The Teaching Class  Guernica, 5/16/14


Will Space Mining Save the Earth?  The New Republic, 5/19/14


Tournament of Books.  The Morning News, 3/26/13  


On E.F. Schumacher.  Tin House, Spring 2013. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Stanley & the Amazing Dr. YoutzThe Pinch, Spring 2013

Planetary Emergency. Guernica, 12/20/12


Rape and Rhetoric. Guernica, 8/22/12

Let's Get Radical. The Revealer, 7/13/12

Human Rights Horror Stories. Guernica, 6/22/12.

On Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth. Mother Jones, 4/28/12


Emergency in Slow Motion.  Guernica, 4/19/12

Rockstars of Neuroscience Debate the Future of Brain Studies. Capital New York, 4/3/12

How the Million Hoodie March Quells our Unreasonable FearsGuernica, 3/29/12

Uncommon Sense. Tin House, Spring 2012

No Such Thing as Giving Too MuchTreehugger, 1/27/12

The Beautiful and the Dammed: Part 1 & Part 2.  Myoo, 11/10/11 and 11/20/11

Patient. The Missouri Review, Spring 2010.  Anthologized in Best American Essays 2011, edited by Edwidge Danticat.


In Next Round of Budget Talks, Big Cuts for Health Research. The Nation, 4/11/11

We’ll See What Happens Tonight. The Faster Times, 7/22/10

What We Talk About When We Talk About Progress. The Rumpus, 5/13/10